Dramatic Play

A visit to the apple market : an apple dramatic play center

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We had an amazing week exploring the Apple Market dramatic play center in preschool!

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Sailing across the deep blue sea

Props for Play

Extending our pirate story with a few props for dramatic play and story telling…

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At play with the sticky board playhouse

Stop by and check out the super fun sticky board play house we made and enjoyed in our preschool classroom!

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Cotton ball blizzard in a box

Before the real snow started to fall, our class discovered that a surprisingly fun substitute for snow turned out to be three bags full of large, fluffy cotton balls. Cotton balls certainly don’t have all the qualities of real snow but they are white, fluffy, and do a nice job promoting conversation and pretend play when used to create a cotton ball blizzard in a box…

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Promoting communication skills in preschool

One of the best ways to promote communication skills is to hand the children tools for play…

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Everyday dramatic play in preschool and a linky

Dramatic play leads to wonderful opportunities in learning and development. Check out our simple office and come join in the dramatic play linky too!

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Hibernating bears in preschool

Having fun with bears and caves today as we explored hibernation in preschool.

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Our outdoor cafe and dramatic play in preschool

Enjoying a little dramatic play in the outdoor homemade cafe!

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Grilling with preschoolers:pretend play

We had a little fun barbecue play today with our very own grill and accessories… There are several skills explored and concepts learned as we played today… Wy and I learned how to fold up our own table cloth… Tristan already knew how to fold his picnic blanket so he demonstrated this for us… We were […]

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Role play in early years settings

I know you will enjoy this guest post written by Julie Meighan, author of Drama Start! Role Play in Early Years Settings By Julie Meighan Role play is a very important part of a child’s education. The imagination is a powerful tool which as we know is innate in some children but needs encouraging in others. It is important […]

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