Discovery Bottles

Rubber loom bands in a discovery bottle

Thumbnail image for Rubber loom bands in a discovery bottle

These brightly colored rubber band loom bands were perfect for making our very own discovery bottles!

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Earth day discovery bottles

Thumbnail image for Earth day discovery bottles

Explore Earth day anytime throughout the year with these Earth day discovery bottles!

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A pine needle in a bottle

Making and exploring pine needle discovery bottles in the preschool classroom.

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Pumpkin head discovery bottles

Making and exploring pumpkins with our very own DIY pumpkin heads!

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Nuts about acorns in preschool | Lois Ehlert

Counting, estimating, and exploring acorns along with the wonderful children’s book “Nuts to You” by Lois Ehlert!

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The discovery of color in a bottle

Enjoying the process of adding discovery bottles to my preschool classroom for light table and other types of play and exploration!

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