Physical Development

Centers in the preschool classroom

When children enter this classroom, they will discover plenty of things to do and the freedom to explore because each center in this classroom was designed just for them.  At this table the children are creating paintings with the dot painters. At the block center, a couple of boys have decided to pull out the […]

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Fine motor development in preschool with play dough and straws

Play dough is such a wonderful resource for building fine motor skills. Wy and I sat down to play with some play dough recently. I cut the straws down so they were a little shorter then showed Wy how to make a ball of play dough and then stick the straws into the play dough. […]

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Let’s talk about communication

My guest today is Marcy Fox. Marcy is a speech pathologist and one of our fellow bloggers that I really have enjoyed getting to know. We are all challenged to help young children develop their speech and language and Marcy has provided us with some very important information about this process below… Let’s Talk About Communication […]

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Large motor skills in the preschool classroom

Getting large motor skills moving in the classroom is a very important aspect of developmental growth. Especially in the winter time, when children spend less time outdoors, you need to make sure you are investing time in planning activities that promote various types of large motor skills. What kind of large motor activities are there? […]

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Preschoolers need opportunties to develop their cutting skills

Give your preschoolers opportunities to develop their cutting skills but before you do so consider a few of the following suggestions: Make sure scissors will actually cut. If you can’t cut a piece of paper with the child-sized scissors you select then chances are, your preschoolers wont be able to either. Have left and right […]

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Play is a Child’s Work

In preschool, play is more than just kids having fun. Play is also a child’s work. Through play, young children develop many important skills. It is important as an early childhood educator to recognize the role play has in educating young children. Play is an opportunity for young children to develop socially and emotionally. Play […]

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