Getting babies and toddlers outside to play

Clara on Swing

This week Childhood 101 is celebrating “Get Outdoors and Play” and that is one thing my nieces and nephews love to do.  There are all kinds of fun things infants and toddlers can do outside… My little niece Clara is having a ball swinging in her backyard… If this doesn’t look like fun, then I […]

Y is for yarn in preschool

Colorful Yarn

Preschoolers are unpredictable when it comes to what they will find interesting and how they will play with the different items we put in the activity boxes. I found this adorable idea of making yarn designs on sandpaper by Polwig and decided to turn this idea into one of our activity boxes… We placed sandpaper […]

Adding to the science and nature center in preschool

Science Center

Lately, I have been trying to find items to add to our science centers. Filling baskets in the science center is an ongoing effort. I am trying to use items that I find already available in our school and so I have been searching through the old materials in the school storage area… As you can […]

At play with playdough people in preschool

Playdough People

I recently acquired these little people shaped craft sticks. The craft stick people were unfinished so I painted a few of them blue and a few of them red… I am always looking to add new dimensions of play to the materials we already have in the classroom. So I added the people shaped craft sticks to […]