Cutting Skills

Exploring the colorful flowers of fall

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Since our leaves haven’t changed color yet we introduced fall colors by exploring the flowers of fall and soon we will explore fall leaves.

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N is for newspaper in preschool

This week, we used the newspaper in a variety of ways to help us explore the letter N… The newspaper is a great way to explore letters and numbers and other language and literacy concepts. We laminated one large page from the newspaper to search for letters and numbers… We searched for titles and talked […]

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G is for Green grass cutting skills in preschool

I like to work on a little snipping practice when first introducing cutting skills to young children. To try a little green grass snipping, start with a half sheet of green construction paper… Invite the children to snip little lines all the way down one long edge of the construction paper. Then show the children […]

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Preschoolers need opportunties to develop their cutting skills

Give your preschoolers opportunities to develop their cutting skills but before you do so consider a few of the following suggestions: Make sure scissors will actually cut. If you can’t cut a piece of paper with the child-sized scissors you select then chances are, your preschoolers wont be able to either. Have left and right […]

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