We made paper plate snowmen globes in preschool

No Time for Flashcards is always such an inspiration to me and where possible, I share her ideas with our teachers so we can try them too! This week, our Pre-K classes borrowed Ali's snowman - snowflake craft idea! We gathered up... Small and large paper plates (with a small circle cut out of the center of the plate) Foil cupcake liners Red ribbon Construction paper shapes for the face and hat Googly eyes or sticker [...]

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Hot cocoa activity box for preschool

I posted before on activity boxes we use in preschool and this week, for a little dramatic play and fine motor fun, our curriculum coordinator put together a cute little hot cocoa box... Inside the box is a baggy filled with scrunched up construction paper pieces for the hot cocoa mix. Some cotton balls for the marshmallows. Spoons and cups and "Hot Cocoa" counting cards. The idea is for the children to make their own [...]

Preschoolers like driving through a snow storm

I didn't really have a plan for this activity and it isn't something that will probably get hung up on the refrigerator but Wy had a terrific time with it... I set out a sheet of black construction paper and put a few dots of white paint on the paper. I told Wy that we were going to make a snow painting. Off to the side was a paint brush and Wy immediately picked it [...]

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Spectacular styrofoam snowman preschool craft

Wy came over on New Year's eve so his mommy and daddy could have a night out with their friends. Soooo, while he was here - we had fun making lots of goodies including this spectacular styrofoam snowman :) I happened to have one black Styrofoam tray and one smaller white Styrofoam tray saved and decided it would make a fun snowman craft... To begin, I cut off the edges of the white tray into long strips and [...]

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Making scrap paper snowmen in Kindergarten

We have been working at being more frugal in our program - this is not an easy task for us - but we are getting the hang of it. I was delighted to go into our Kindergarten classroom and see that the teacher had set out her basket of scrap construction paper for this project... The teacher invited the children to make snowmen. They started by brainstorming how many circles might be included in a [...]

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We made marshmallow snowmen in preschool

After our Thanksgiving feast, we ended up with tons of marshmallows left over and they were starting to go stale. So instead of throwing them all away, we decided they would be perfect for making marshmallow snowmen. The children caught on to this idea very easily. They each started by tracing three circles on a sheet of blue construction paper. In some of the classes, the children traced their own circles. In the younger classes, [...]

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