Fun with feathers and beads

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We filled our classroom centers with materials that were somehow related to our Thanksgiving books including lots of feathers and beads for play!

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We made turkey wreaths in kindergarten

The kindergarten class made these fun turkey wreaths the other day and I got to pitch in for a bit and help out! They started out with a simple paper plate… Then they traced their own foot on brown construction paper… And cut them out… Next they traced and cut out a waddle, a beak, […]

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We are thankful in preschool

This is a paper dinner we made in preschool this past week… Doesn’t this look yummy? And here are some things our preschoolers are thankful for… For my parents and brother My family My dogs My Christmas Tree, My mom, My Dad, and My brother Mathew My new bike My mom, dad, and sister Grace

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Making invitations for our Thanksgiving feast in preschool

The children are preparing for a thanksgiving feast at our school. They started by making these turkey hand print invitations. The parents are invited to come in and join the children for the big day… We used fall colors to paint each child’s hand… The palm of the hand is painted brown and the fingers […]

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We made paper plate turkeys in preschool

Our classes are in full turkey mode and today these children made a simple paper plate turkey. The teacher set out some construction paper squares, half a paper plate, and a construction paper turkey body for the children to put together… Other than saying “Let’s make a turkey today!” the teacher did not give any […]

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Update on my Leaf Turkey

After a week, the leaves on my leaf turkey are starting to dry out and curl. I thought this was kind of a cool way to observe the changing leaves.

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Make a fall leaf turkey in preschool

Today was a beautiful fall day here! It was windy with a little chill in the air but bright and sunny. And the leaves were falling everywhere.  I think because of the leaf exchange I participated in, I am extremely aware of every leaf I see on the ground right now:-) Every time I see […]

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