Eric Carle books and stuffed animals

Last week, a very kind person on Facebook announced that Khols had their new children’s books and animals out for sale. This new set consisted of four Eric Carle books along with stuffed animals to go with each book. Khols sells these items at $5.00 each to raise funds for their “Khols Cares for Kids” […]

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Preschool large motor fun with tape shapes

Wy and I had a busy new year’s night trying all kinds of fun art activities but it was also nice just to do something geared more towards using our large motor skills… I started us off by making some shapes with yellow painter’s tape on the floor. Painter’s tape is always better than masking […]

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We made quilts in preschool

Working together to make a paper quilt in preschool.

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Overcoming frustration through creative art – tape activity

On occasion, my daughter invites several young families to my house for a life group meeting. The families bring their children and when I think about it, I try to provide an activity for the preschool age children to do. On this particular evening, only two young boys came. Having seen all the wonderful ideas on […]

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The value of tape in the preschool classroom

My fellow bloggers have provided beautiful examples and illustrations of the value of tape. I encourage you to read each of their posts on this topic but here are a few highlights. Teacher Tom shares his “tape machine” and the beautiful tape sculpture that was created on his classroom door.  As two students tried to […]

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