Colorful and educational rice bottles for preschoolers

I have been playing around with rice bottles to see what I can do to make them both fun and educational. I love all the different versions of rice bottle, also called “I Spy” bottles, I have seen on other blogs and since I whipped up all that colorful rice a few weeks ago, I […]

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R is for rice in preschool

The children were exploring the letter “R” by gluing rice on the red letter… By gluing on the rice, the children are able to draw the connection of the sound of the letter “R” to something familiar, something they will remember, and something they can feel… The “R” shape was precut for the children so […]

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Making colorful and scented rice for preschool

When I get started on something – I just keep going until I have exhausted all the ideas I can come up with or until all my dishes are dirty or until I run out of supplies – which ever comes first. This week, I worked on making colored rice to use for a variety […]

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