Let’s make a rainbow together!

Whenever I can find an idea that our whole class can work on together in a successful way, I just love to put it into action! This handprint rainbow was perfect for everyone to join in! Before I share with you the details about our rainbow, I want you to know that we have been exploring color and color mixing for several weeks now. This rainbow is more of a wrap up of all we [...]

Map game and drawing in preschool

As we continued our exploration of maps, the children were invited to explore this simple DIY table top map and drawing game. Like with most games I make for the children to explore, the process is very open ended. Even if I have an objective in mind, the children often take the idea and change it to make sense to them. For set up, I used tape on a large sheet of paper to map out [...]

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More with maps in preschool

We explored a variety of maps in my classroom. The goal of our mapping explorations was simply to compare different kinds of maps and what kinds of things can be found on a map like lines, colors, words, directions, land, sea, roads, and places. You can read about our simple introduction to maps on this post: Simple Exploration of Maps in Preschool. For a creative way to explore our maps, we invited the children to [...]

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The preschool art gallery

Throughout part of our school year, we began saving a few pieces of the children's artwork so to have a sampling of each child's work that we could display in our simple preschool art gallery... It is always amazing to me how different artwork looks once you frame it or mount it on a colored background. It suddenly can change the look of the artwork from a blob of colors on paper to having the look [...]