Food Art

We painted with cranberries in preschool

I enjoyed reading the idea of painting with cranberries from Little Wonder Days and shared the idea with some of our teachers. The children started by squishing up a bunch of cranberries we got from the grocery store. Then the cranberries, along with the juice, was set out in bowls with paint brushes. I didn’t […]

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More healthy foods in preschool: veggie pizza

One way we have been exploring healthy foods in preschool is by making different kinds of pizza. Today we made veggie pizzas. For our veggie pizzas, the children dipped red, green, and yellow peppers into red, green, and yellow paint… Then they pressed the painted peppers on a construction paper triangle (pizza) shapes… Perhaps for […]

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Flour and food color painting in preschool

I am always on the look out for different art mediums that the children can explore. The children enjoyed the new texture of this homemade “paint” their teacher mixed up. The teacher mixed up some flour and water in a large bowl until it had a creamy consistency. Each of the children had a large […]

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We made corn on the cob in preschool

One of the best parts of going to the Indiana State Fair is a tasty piece of corn on the cob. For this activity, the teachers set out some corn, yellow and green construction paper, and glue. The children glued their construction paper leaves and corncobs to the large sheet of blue construction paper… Then […]

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Peas in a pod your preschooler can make

Living in farm country, we learn lots about vegetables that grow in the garden. Where possible, I try to bring in vegetables from the garden like snap peas so the children can explore and snap away. At school, I came across this entry for our State Fair Vegetable Craft contest…. To make a pea pod […]

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