Painted paper collages and storytelling inspired by Eric Carle

Our children retold the story and created painted picture collages in the style of Eric Carle.

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Glue bottles with brushes and paper collages

Our very first experience exploring our glue bottles and brushes in preschool.

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Creating a flower collage in preschool

Collages are a simple way for children to extend their understanding of different concepts that they are exploring or showing an interest in… Collage materials can include any kind of materials you can possibly think of. These children are making what I would consider one of the most basic types of collages using pictures and […]

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The Leaf Man book and activity in Kindergarten

The kindergarten class enjoyed reading the Leaf Man book by Lois Ehlert and discovering all the different leaf characters in the book. After reading this book, the children followed up the book by creating their own leaf characters. The teacher had some paper leaves that were bright and colorful for the children to choose from […]

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We made a circle collage in preschool

Our two and three year olds were focusing on the shape of a circle this week and one of their activities was to make a circle collage! Each of the children were given a round paper plate because of its circular shape to use as the canvas for their circle collage. The teacher had precut […]

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