Egg in the nest sorting game

Using homemade Easter grass and plastic eggs, the children will enjoy a little sorting game and making their own colorful bird nest!

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The “After Christmas Tree” book and activity for preschool

Keep the giving going even after Christmas comes to a close with this cute book and Christmas tree for the birds!

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Bird nests your preschooler can make

This week was a week about spring and spring always reminds us of birds. The children made their own little bird nests with eggs. The children spread glue all over their paper then sprinkles brown confetti strips on top of the glue. Then the children dipped their finger tips or thumbs into the stamp/ink pad […]

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A collection of little bird ideas for preschool

I am fixing this so please check back – the links do work but I have to update pictures! These are some darling ideas I found online for birds activities you can do with your preschoolers! Click on each picture to see the Blog Post!

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