How we make our own snacks in preschool

We can make our own snack by Teach Preschool

Cooking in the classroom can be challenging, but it can also be fun!  Our children love any opportunity to take part in preparing their own snack.  So it was no surprise that our pre-k students were so eager to make their own banana pudding cups for snack.  They would like to share with you how […]

Measuring and mixing with a dash of new vocabulary in preschool

Measuring and pouring in the ingredients

After reading “Blueberries for Sal,” we became “bakers” as one of my students observed and our little bakers made some blueberry muffins… We explored different kinds of measuring tools and cooking terms as we worked together to make our blueberry muffins… Our bakers took turns measuring and pouring in the different ingredients… Cooking presents such a great […]