Fun with colorful bubble science in kindergarten

As I have mentioned many times before, I love all the ideas you can find on other blogs but there are times that I will read an idea but not really give it a chance. Sometimes, it isn't that the children aren't ready to try something new or different - the problem is that we as teachers aren't always ready to try something new or different. I can't tell you how many times I have [...]

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Ice play in preschool

Today, we enjoyed a little ice play. Sometimes the simplest of ideas can be the most enjoyable for young children. The teacher in this class set out a bowl of ice with some cups, smaller bowls, and spoons... The children scooped the ice from one container to the other... And some children used their hands to pick up ice cubes.... What makes an activity like this so successful is that it is truly all about [...]

Making AB patterns in preschool

As we continue to explore the letter K this week, the children worked on practicing their skills for identifying and making AB patterns... Introducing patterns first begins with a hands-on type of activity followed by the activity page. The activity pages we use are usually something I have created on my own computer. They are specifically designed to complement a theme, skill, or process we have been focusing on over time. Not every child was [...]

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How to facilitate the creative art process in preschool

Allowing children to make decisions is an important aspect of their art experience. When children are constantly told where to place each piece of paper or where to put their hand print, they lose confidence in their own ability to make good choices. When we talk about Process over Product, there are many reasons why this concept is emphasized. Part of the process is giving children choices in how they would like to create or [...]

We made doggies in preschool

This doggy project was more about using our listening ears and organizing our materials than it was a project for creative art although there was some creativity involved as well. Each of the children were given precut pieces of construction paper to put together their own dog for the Letter of the Week - The letter D. The teacher had made a dog ahead of time so the children could visualize how all these pieces [...]

G is for gumball counting in preschool

The children spent time doing a little counting as they played with play dough... There are many ways to reinforce counting with young children but some of the best ideas engage children through a little exploration, discovery, and play. The children were invited to roll up play dough to make gumballs on their gumball machine. The letter of the week was the letter G - thus the reason for using a gumball machine. While this [...]

Counting ladybug dots in preschool

The children played a simple lady bug game today... The children matched the number of dots to the number of dots on the lady bug. Everyone had a turn giving it a try... They counted together as they worked together... The pom-poms made nice dots that felt good to the sense of touch... This was a fun game to help the children practice counting their numbers. Handling those little black dots required a little fine-motor [...]

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Helping young children solve puzzles in preschool

I can't remember who taught me this little technique for teaching preschoolers how to manage a puzzle but it is a technique I have used for many years with much success. When a very young child takes a puzzle and dumps all the pieces out, chances are he or she will have a little trouble figuring out where to put the pieces back. Before the child moves from simple board puzzles to more complex jigsaw [...]

A brief look at developmental domains in early childhood education

The early childhood years are filled with staggering growth and development. There are four main areas of development that occur all at the same time: Physical development: In the first years of growth young children are physically developing at a rapid pace. There is both large motor (crawling, walking, running) and fine motor development (eye-hand coordination, cutting, writing, weaving) happening all at once. Social development: Understanding how to communicate, share, make friends, and get along [...]

Centers in the preschool classroom

When children enter this classroom, they will discover plenty of things to do and the freedom to explore because each center in this classroom was designed just for them.  At this table the children are creating paintings with the dot painters. At the block center, a couple of boys have decided to pull out the legos. As they play with the legos, they also communicate with each other and discover how to cooperate and collaborate. [...]