Finding treasures for your preschool classroom

One thing I don't have yet for my preschool classrooms are child-sized shelves. My husband is planning to build me a few but in the mean time, I happened to stumble across this little shelf in my mom's neighborhood... It's funny how being a preschool teacher makes you look at everything with an eye for the possibilities. I was picking my mom up to run a few errands and happened to notice this little plastic [...]

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Cutting flower stems in preschool

Cutting flower stems in preschool Perhaps I should have titled this post "Attempting to cut flower stems in preschool" because child scissors don't make much of a dent in the stems. However, one of our students figured out how to make this work.... These are left-over stems from our flower bouquets which I posted about yesterday here for painting and here for flower canvas.... This little girl figured out that it was easiest to bend [...]

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