Five simple classroom lessons we can learn from a plastic Easter egg

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Plastic Easter eggs inspire this post about what kinds of things you choose to add and keep in your classroom!

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Record player explorations in preschool

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A record player is an amazing tool to explore in the preschool classroom. Come and see our introduction to the record player.

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The reflection table

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I love to find things to use in my classroom that invite curiosity or renew interest in an old activity. Today, I want to introduce you to what I like to call “the reflection table.”

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Our classrooms are ready for preschool

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The learning environment is such an important part of having a successful classroom experience. Today, I am sharing the highlights for my indoor classroom setup.

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Neighborhood under construction in preschool


This must be at the top of the my list of favorite days/activities we did in the preschool classroom last year. Stop by and see how we built our own neighborhood!

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Wonderful weaving tool and process for preschool

A new find at the Dollar store led to a wonderful weaving process for preschoolers.

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Promoting communication skills in preschool

One of the best ways to promote communication skills is to hand the children tools for play…

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DIY paper car mat

The children and I made our very own paper car mat for the block center…

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Exploring seeds in the gardening center

Exploring seeds in circle time and in our cardboard box gardening center…

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A new bookshelf in my preschool classroom

Making a little more space in my classroom by adding a wall book shelf in the book center!

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Hot cocoa play day for preschoolers

Warm up your day in preschool with a Hot Cocoa Day!

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Ribbon weaving and painting in preschool

Ribbon weaving and painting is great for anytime of the year!

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The red rocker in my preschool classroom

Sitting very quietly over in the corner of my reading center is my new little red Nordic Rocker from Guidecraft… Well, usually it sits there but when Wy comes along, he moves the rocker from one part of the classroom to another… And sometimes he plays under the rocker… And other times, he sits in […]

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Finding treasures for your preschool classroom

One thing I don’t have yet for my preschool classrooms are child-sized shelves. My husband is planning to build me a few but in the mean time, I happened to stumble across this little shelf in my mom’s neighborhood… It’s funny how being a preschool teacher makes you look at everything with an eye for […]

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Cutting flower stems in preschool

Cutting flower stems in preschool Perhaps I should have titled this post “Attempting to cut flower stems in preschool” because child scissors don’t make much of a dent in the stems. However, one of our students figured out how to make this work…. These are left-over stems from our flower bouquets which I posted about […]

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Inviting children to play in preschool

This is not a St. Patrick’s day post but I did use photos from our St. Patrick’s day activity box to start this post off so please read on…. How you set out materials on a table can make a difference in whether children will want to play with those materials or not. During St. […]

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