Classroom Management

Self-Regulation: the #1 skill for success in school and life!

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As part of our summer book study on Challenging Behaviors, we are discussing self-regulation today! It is the number one skills for success in school and life!

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Question of the day

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Exploring the process of asking the “Question of the Day” in my preschool classroom!

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Our daily schedule in preschool

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Stop by and read all about our daily schedule in preschool. Then be sure to share your own schedule with us too!

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Signing in to preschool

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Part of our morning routine includes signing in on our clip board. Come and see how the process is going in our preschool classroom.

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Classroom management on the first day of school

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In the early childhood classroom, we can look at classroom management as a plan for what procedures our students will follow throughout each day as well as what the teacher’s role is in helping our students have a successful experience each day.

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A multipurpose interactive bulletin board

Learning to follow directions can be fun and interactive with this multipurpose interactive bulletin board approach.

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The importance of a predictable routine in preschool

Sharing our daily routine and the importance of a daily routine in the preschool classroom.

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Building community within a mixed age group of young children

As our partners worked together they were also building a community of learners who support and serve each other.

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How to clean up the preschool classroom

To keep your classroom clean, start by keeping a broom and dust pan by the sand table at all times… And keep old towels near the water table at all times… And be sure to have extra paper towels available for cleaning the tables… And keep plenty of baskets handy for sorting and putting away […]

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Explaining the creative art process during circle time to preschoolers

Before rushing off to explore creative art activities, we often take a minute to explain the creative art activity during circle time… The goal is to help the children connect the dots between the creative art activity and any concept we are exploring throughout the week… Once the children get to the table, they will be […]

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Using trays in the preschool classroom

In some of our classes, the teachers like to use trays to help with classroom management or organization… Trays can provide children with their own work space… Trays can help contain lots of pieces… Trays can be set up to invite different kinds of play, exploration, or creativity… Often times, teachers will use a tray […]

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Labeling your baskets and shelves in preschool

Part of setting up a child-centered classroom is taking the time to organize materials so that children can easily find where they belong. One way to help keep the classroom organized is to add labels to the baskets. Adding labels with the words clearly printed on them also helps to promote the print-rich environment. Where […]

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Organizing your daily lesson plan materials

This is a simple way to keep your daily lesson plans materials organized as you prepare for each week of school. Gather a nice sized basket (a lesson plan box). Make sure your lesson plan box is large enough to hold file folders and large children’s books. Label a set of pocket folders with each day […]

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Large group activities in preschool

Having all the children work together as a large group can prove to be a very positive experience. Together we communicate and create! Together we cooperate and collaborate!

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Mini-Lessons in the preschool classroom

A Mini-lesson focuses on skills preschoolers need to learn in managing everyday classroom and life skills. Unlike a teachable-moment, a mini-lesson is planned out ahead of time. Like a teachable moment, the idea or topic of a mini-lesson often originates from an unexpected occurence that a teacher begins to notice or observe happening repeatedly in […]

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Teachable Moments

Teachable moments are times when something unexpected occurs and the teacher helps to guide the unexpected occurrence into a learning opportunity. Preschoolers are discovering the world around them. Their natural curiosity and need-to-know creates many opportunities for teachable moments. The teacher has to develop a teaching perspective in order to not miss out on unexpected […]

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