Circle Time

It must be tummy time!

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I want my group times to be all about building community and in my mind, building community is all about being close together, being engaged in the process, being aware of each other as needed, and making any necessary adjustments as we go along.

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Let’s listen with a listening tube

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We have been exploring our sense of hearing by listening around the classroom but we started our day by listening with our simple to make listening tubes.

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What will the weather be today? Our morning weather routine

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With so many different kinds of weather, we have been able to take notice of the weather changes as we ask the question “What will the weather be today?”

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Gingerbread man exchange in preschool

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Our class was recently invited to join in on a Gingerbread Man exchange. Come and see our exciting adventure with the Gingerbread Man exchange!

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Star of the week in preschool

Star of the Week

This was our second year of implementing the “Star of the Week” in my classroom and all I can say is that I love, love, love the results of this process.

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An octopus has eight legs and so do we!

An octopus had 8 legs

When I told the children that they actually can have eight legs like an octopus, they told me that this could not be possible. So I had to show them that they could!

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Sorting recyclables in preschool

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We’re celebrating Earth Day! A great way to show that we care about the Earth is by recycling. See how we sorted recyclables in preschool.

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Ten tips for circletime in the preschool classroom

Today I want to share with you ten tips for making circletime an engaging and interesting experience in the preschool classroom.

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Read across America : What our parents are reading in preschool

Read Across America day; I am sharing our parent reading experiences along with some terrific books our parents are reading in preschool…

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Storybook games

Anytime I find a children’s book that is really well written and I know my students will enjoy it – I try to think of ways to expand on that book.  One way I expand on a children’s book is by coming up with a story book game… In my previous post, I shared with […]

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Lots of drops

My students loved engineering with gum drops but I missed a key opportunity in the process of leading my students to explore lots of drops! Come and learn with me how kids really do have the best ideas, we just need to learn to listen to them.

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All you need is a box

We spent quite a bit of time exploring different ways you can use a box in our classroom.  Of course, if you haven’t read the book “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis then you might not understand that any box you may have around is really not a box… “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis […]

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Artwork A collages

Exploring the letter A through a little recycled artwork fun…

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The watermelon song and lightning bug song and a pumpkin song and a painting!

Starting off with a watermelon song and winding up with our very own songs and a little watermelon painting…

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Building block literacy and story telling

Building our own stories through block play in circletime…

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Exploring seeds in the gardening center

Exploring seeds in circle time and in our cardboard box gardening center…

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