Extend the love for reading all throughout the preschool classroom with these amazing literacy based ideas from Teach Preschool!

I always say, one can never have too many children’s books. With every children’s book there is always a way to expand the book into all parts of the early childhood classroom experience. Explore Teach Preschool and find out ways you can promote literacy and language throughout the early learning environment!

Making simple boats that float

sail boats

For our exploration in boats, we read the book Little Tug by Steven Savage and then the children were invited to make two different types of boats.

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Sailing across the deep blue sea

Props for Play

Extending our pirate story with a few props for dramatic play and story telling…

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Balancing bubbles in preschool

Thumbnail image for Balancing bubbles in preschool

Exploring bubbles in a bottle gave us a unique way to explore many new scientific and engineering terms in our preschool classroom.

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Exploring balance in preschool

Thumbnail image for Exploring balance in preschool

This week, we brought out the levels and have been exploring balance in preschool.

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The secret recipe for inviting children to take care of books in the preschool classroom

Thumbnail image for The secret recipe for inviting children to take care of books in the preschool classroom

Here is my secret recipe for helping the preschool-age children in my class take care of our classroom books!

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Building block drawing game in preschool

A fun way to get preschoolers thinking and talking about letters and numbers while having fun with a little drawing and block play too!

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Rockin’ drawings

Our children created some rockin’ drawings out of just a few simple materials.

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Creating colorful rocks in preschool

We read the delightful little story You be You by Linda Kranz and enjoyed creating our own colorful rocks in preschool.

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Simple but beautiful abstract rainbow paintings

After reading the book “A Rainbow of My Own” the children explored the process of making these beautiful but simple abstract rainbows!

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Weaving through a rainbow

Using our whole bodies to weave through this beautiful rainbow made by our preschool students.

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Painted paper collages and storytelling inspired by Eric Carle

Our children retold the story and created painted picture collages in the style of Eric Carle.

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DIY musical strummies

Reading the wonderful children’s book, “Red and Yellow’s Noisy Night” and making our very own DIY Strummies!

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Wall art in preschool inspired by ‘Ain’t gonna paint no more’

The book Ain’t Gonna Paint No More inspired us to create a beautiful mural on our classroom wall.

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Painting designs on our arms

The children painted colorful designs on their arms after reading the book “Ain’t Gonna Paint No More” by Karen Beaumont.

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“O” how we love to estimate

Estimating, counting, and drawing with the help of a cup full of cheerios in preschool!

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Painting owl babies

After reading the delightful book Owl Babies by Martin Waddell, we were inspired to paint our very own owl babies.

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