Extend the love for reading all throughout the preschool classroom with these amazing literacy based ideas from Teach Preschool!

I always say, one can never have too many children’s books. With every children’s book there is always a way to expand the book into all parts of the early childhood classroom experience. Explore Teach Preschool and find out ways you can promote literacy and language throughout the early learning environment!

Ten little caterpillars in a jar

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We read the book “Ten Little Caterpillars” by Bill Martin Jr. then enjoyed a little counting and patterning of our own ten little caterpillars!

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Fun with some bugs!

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What do you do if you have a kid who loves bugs? You find a book about some bugs and spend lots of time playing with pretend bugs and looking for real bugs too!

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Let’s go on an up walk

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We took an “up” walk to see if we could spot anything stuck in the trees…

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Building up the word “up!”

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Exploring the word “up” through a fun building block and dice game.

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Exploring the inside of our outside

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The study of x-rays, bones, and our bodies turned out to be quite an interesting and fun experiences as the prekindergarten age children worked to complete the skeleton of a paper boy in our classroom.

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Polka dot painted fish

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We recently spent time exploring “under the sea” and the children created one of our old favorite paper plate activities – the polka dot painted fish.

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Storytelling on the easel

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This week we have been exploring waves in the ocean through our literature, art, water play, and other experiences in preschool.

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All pumped up for water play and moose track soap

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An amazing water play process that combines literacy, motor skills, and water play! You won’t want to miss the fun with this one!

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What can you find in a people house? Exploring with Dr. Seuss

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We read the Dr. Seuss book “In a People House” and then spent time exploring things you can find in a people house all around our preschool classroom.

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Cotton ball clouds

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We recently spent a few days exploring different types of weather.  We also focused a great deal on raindrops and clouds.  This simple activity that I would like to share with you today sparked some great use of vocabulary and imagination… To begin our discussion on clouds, we read the book “It Looked Like Spilt […]

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Exploring space with Dr. Seuss

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In celebration of Dr. Seuss week, our Pre-Kindergarten class enjoyed the book “There’s No Place like Space” as well as a few space related activities we had set up to explore around the classroom.

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Making squares

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Working together to make squares in our preschool classroom!

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Chopstick painting

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Exploring a new art process with a book and a pair of real chopsticks!

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Don’t push my button!

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You quickly learn that if you don’t want a preschooler to do something then just start your sentence with the word “Don’t!”. Come see what my preschoolers are saying, “Don’t push my button!”

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Patterning with hugs and kisses

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We recently introduced the letter Kk, and with Valentine’s day coming soon, we thought it was most appropriate to explore hugs and KISSES.

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Hunting for shapes

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To introduce this our new shape unit we read the new book “Hearts are for Loving” and played this fun and colorful game in preschool.

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