Building trucks with simple materials in preschool

When our curriculum coordinator, Mrs. Fisher, showed me the items she had planned for this transportation activity box, she was worried that the children might not really like it. I love the unpredictability of children... Mrs. Fisher put some cards with simple shaped trucks printed on each card in the activity box with some straws and lids... The activity box stayed out all week long and all week long, I found children designing their trucks... [...]

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Who is really teaching preschool?

Today, I happened by this class to see what was up and while there, I discovered the real teacher hard at work play. This young teacher (a Pre-K student) was holding a set of cards that had been made for the transportation activity box. Each card had a different color of car on the front along with another set of cards with color words on them... The "teacher" held up each color word card and [...]

Buzzing little bumble bee prints in preschool

This is a simple bumble bee activity box to throw together.... All you need are yellow ink pads, black crayons, and some pieces of paper.... Invite the children to press their fingers on the yellow ink pad and then make yellow prints on their paper... Once they have their prints on the paper, invite the children to use a black crayon or marker to add additional bumble bee features... Some of the children really went [...]

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This is a little frog game for preschoolers

Dawn is always so busy making wonderful games and activity boxes for the children at preschool and this is one of her latest games she put together.... She added lili-pads, frogs, and a dice... The children will make up their own rules of how to play the game... The dice is included to promote a little counting but some children may just prefer to hop from lili-pad to lili-pad.  I never know what the children [...]

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Making horses in preschool with sticks and yarn

The past week the children at preschool have been exploring animals on the farm. In one of the activity boxes were craft sticks and some strips of yarn... It wasn't obvious to the children how these materials could be used to make farm animals so I sat at a table and made my own horse. I got a few giggles from the children out of it - I really don't see why:)... It didn't take [...]

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Fostering organizational skills through play

This is a  pile of magnetic numbers and a magnetic cookie sheet I bought at the dollar store. I have been organizing my activity boxes for future use... There was a second cookie sheet on the table without any magnets... As Tristan sat down to play, I realized that his focus wasn't on the numbers or the order of the numbers but it was on the organization of the magnets... As Tristan played, I reinforced [...]

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Exploring weight and size with scales in preschool

There are all kinds of simple scales you can provide for inviting children to explore weight. Set out a set of scales along with a variety of items for the children to explore and compare... The bowls on the top of these scales come off which allows the children to easily fill the bowls then balance the bowls back on the scales and it also allows for the weighing of larger items like the fruit [...]

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Exploring seeds in preschool

This activity box is filled with a variety of dry beans and pasta for a little spring garden sensory play.... If you are wondering why there is pasta mixed into the mix - I can't really say except that it provides a little more color and texture... As with any sensory activity like this, we always add bowls and cups of various sizes for scooping and pouring... The children have been exploring all kinds of [...]

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