The water play kitchen

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on July 14, 2014

in Outdoor Play, Water Play Kitchen

The Water Play Kitchen

Over the summer months, the wooden furniture in my outdoor classroom often needs repaired, repainted, or just stored so that it will remain in good condition for the new school year which begins for us at the end of August. But since my grandsons still come over to play, I like to use the space for their needs and so I simplify the room a bit. This summer, I have turned the space into our water play kitchen…

The Water Play Kitchen by Teach Preschool

My outdoor classroom is a screened-in porch that has lots of space. It gives my grandsons an alternative place to go that doesn’t have mosquitos nipping at their little arms and legs all the time. Living in the woods is beautiful and of course, we do spend lots of time outdoors but sometimes, it is nice just to be able to get outdoors without having to battle all the critters…

Water Play Kitchen by Teach Preschool

I chose to create a water play kitchen because my grandsons are all about water play. They don’t just like it – they love it and since I am following their interests, I knew that this would be a big hit for them and simple for me to manage over the summer…

Water Play Kitchen by Teach Preschool

Everything in the water play kitchen will and does get wet – including my grandsons!

Water Play Kitchen by Teach Preschool

I keep adding little things along the way just to keep the play interesting and to let them try something new like my water jugs.  It took my younger grandson a few tries to figure out how to make it work but he figured it out and went to town filling up cups and dumping water into the buckets…

Water Play Kitchen by Teach Preschool

I also added a small sand table for water and sand play…

Water Play Kitchen by Teach Preschool

A fun way to explore water, sensory, and a little pretend play all through the summer!

Water Play Kitchen by Teach Preschool

At the end of summer, and before school starts, I will transform this room into my outdoor classroom by once again, bringing out all my wooden accessories and giving it more of a Reggio inspired type approach but for now – this works just fine for my two little guys…

The Water Play Kitchen by Teach Preschool

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