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One thing I had never tried in my classroom before this past year was asking the “Question of the Day!” The concept has been around for quite some time but it wasn’t until a discussion on “Question of the Day” came up on my Facebook page that I decided I would like to test the idea out for myself…

Question of the Day by Teach Preschool

After reading up on what other teachers were doing for the “Question of the Day,” I was surprised to find out that the question is generally supposed to have a “yes or no” answer.  I thought the questions would be open ended but then I realized that the question was also being combined with a chart where the children will add their names underneath to provide an answer. So I went with the “Yes or No” chart, added the children’s names underneath, and drummed up my first “Yes or No” question of the day.  Keep in mind, that the questions you see in this post are not in any particular order. I just added them to give you a sample of our different questions…

Question of the Day by Teach Preschool

However, I do want you to know that my first question of the day was “Do you like rainbows?”   As the children came into the classroom, Mr. Hayden or I greeted them at the door and invited them to answer our question of the day.  We read the question aloud then explained which side of the board was for “yes” (thumbs up) and which side was for “no” (thumbs down)…

Question of the Day by Teach Preschool

Everyone caught on quickly to the “Yes or No” part of the process. The children found their names and placed their names under the side of their choice. Everyone easily said “yes” to the rainbow question but I can tell you that the children did not find the question all that interesting or intriguing. In fact, the children seemed to look at me like it was a silly question to be asking them…

Question of the Day by Teach Preschool

So from that day on, I really thought through the questions I would ask. Here is the “Question of the Day” plan I came up with…

  1. Choose a question that would somehow be intriguing.
  2. Have the question up and on the board before the children come to school.
  3. As the children arrive at school, invite them to check in by answering our “Question of the Day.”

Question of the Day by Teach Preschool

My plan also included…

  1. Invite the children to look over their answers and compare how many said “Yes” vs. “No.”
  2. Give the children time to discuss why they chose the answer they chose and elaborate on any thoughts the question might bring to mind.
  3. Use the question during morning circle as a springboard to the topic or book we plan to focus on or introduce that day.

Question of the Day by Teach Preschool

After sticking with the routine for a week or so, the children got the hang of it and began to anticipate what question might be up for the next day or they would ask me as soon as they walked into the room, “What is our question today?” …

Question of the Day by Teach Preschool

The most important point I want to stress here is that the question had to be intriguing. It needed to be something that wasn’t just as simple as the “yes or no” answer but rather the question went beyond the “yes or no” and led us to some type of conversation, reaction, interest, curiosity, or simply made us laugh…

Question of the Day Moms2015


I also needed to balance my questions so that there would be a reason to feel like it was okay to answer with a “no.” I didn’t want the children to get the impression that somehow saying “no” was a wrong answer.  I wanted the children to understand that the question wasn’t about a right or wrong answer but rather it was about participating in a discussion or making their own decisions…

Question of the Day Sunshine

On occasion, I would also include a word in the question that perhaps the children wouldn’t be familiar with and each time I did, the children would begin to ask me or each other what the word meant and the discussion about that word would spark further conversation to begin our morning circle with…

Question of the Day by Teach Preschool

For our class, the question of the day was a great way to begin discussion and to greet the children as they came into the classroom. It brought each child into the classroom experience as soon as they took off their jackets and headed over to the question board…

Question of the Day by Teach Preschool

Oh we had some silliness along the way like the ever popular putting your name upside down or saying “no” to any question for a few weeks just because it is okay to say no…

Question of the Day by Teach Preschool

And, of course, as the children came to preschool and found their name they were also spending lots of time getting familiar with their own names as well as the names of their peers…

Question of the Day by Teach Preschool

You may have experience implementing “Question of the Day” into your classroom. I would love to hear what really seemed to work for you and your students too! If you care to share with us, leave a comment below!

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  1. says

    Hi Deborah,
    I write the question of the day on a write board outside my classroom. Why?
    It makes the parent stop and read what their child will be doing today, and they help their child with the answer to the question. I always ask,”what’s the question”. 18 hands shoot up.

  2. Yvonne Price says

    Hello. First, I would like to say that I love your site and use it daily. Not only are your activities wonderful, but you also give the reasons the particular activity is important. Thank you for that!
    So, for the Question of the Day; I followed the link you provided to Prek pages and read up on her system. She uses picture cards and it seems like most of the questions, based on the picture cards, would be : Do you like ….?. You do not use the cards and your questions are more complex. Do you read the question with each student? Would “Do you like…?” questions be intriguing enough for four year old group?
    Also, if you can please tell me what the top of your board is?
    Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    • says

      Hi Yvonne,
      I chose the questions after observing my students the first week we started the Question of the Day. They definitely found the “Do you like…” questions to be uninteresting and I wanted them to really be invested in the question so we could build on it all day and they would look forward to a new question each day. So I think the answer is to follow the lead and interest of your students. Rather than making a set of questions ahead of time, start making questions as you go along. On most days, I would decide on the question the night or the morning of preschool so that it was truly relevant to our day.

      As far as the top of the board – it is a drawing board. The children were challenged to draw a key word, object, or other each week and we posted their drawings on the board underneath the word of the day. I haven’t written about the drawing board yet but hoping to give it a go again this year starting perhaps in January.

    • says

      PS. I forgot to tell – I read the question to each student or a group of students as they walk into the classroom each morning. I might say, “Go put your jacket away then come back over here and let’s see what you think of our question today.”