Spinning up circles

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on March 5, 2014

in Creative Art, Spinning up Circles

Spinning up Circles

Yesterday I shared with you how we introduced a record player to my students. Once the children had a good grasp on how to take care of and manage the records and our record player, we were ready to integrate our record player into new experiences involving art and science. For our art experience, the children spent time with the amazing process of spinning up circles…

Spinning up circles by Teach Preschool

Spin art isn’t a new idea for many in early childhood but for our class, spinning up circles on a record player was very new. We learned that the best way to create our spin art was to start with our markers on the outside edge of our paper circle then slowly guide the marker towards the center of the marker while the record player is spinning…

Spinning up circles by Teach Preschool

Spinning up circles by Teach Preschool

Some of the children started out wanting to draw around the paper so it took some trial and error for them to understand that they didn’t need to actually press down and draw but to instead gently touch their marker to the paper and guide their marker in a straight line from the outer edge to the inner edge of the circle…

Spinning up circles by Teach Preschool

Once the children got the hang of it, they would change the color of their marker and repeat the process as often as they desired which led to a colorful spin art drawing. Some of the children really got the hang of it and some of them enjoyed even using two hands to draw their circles…

Spinning up circles by Teach Preschool

This process was unbeatable when it comes to combining art and technology to create an engaging experience for the children…

Spinning up circles by Teach Preschool

Although I wanted to share the spin art process with you, I should also let you know that my students were curious as to how their “records” would sound. So they spent a few minutes listening to the sound of paper on the record player. I can report that our paper records sounds something like thunder!…

Spinning up circles by Teach Preschool

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