The reflection table

I love to find things to use in my classroom that invite curiosity or to renew interest in an old activity. Today, I want to introduce you to what I like to call “the reflection table.”…

The Reflection Table by Teach Preschool

To set up our reflection table, we simply put a light weight full length mirror on the table for the children to work on. ┬áThere are non-breakable full length mirrors that you can use in the classroom as a reflection table or in your dress-up area or other parts of the classroom available at many education stores…

The Reflection Table by Teach Preschool

Whenever my students walk into the classroom and notice that the reflection table is set up, they can’t resist the opportunity to walk over and look at their own reflection…

The Reflection Table by Teach Preschool

Observing the children talk to each other and examine their own and each other’s reflections in the mirror is one of my favorite reasons to set up the reflection table….

The Reflection Table by Teach Preschool

But like I mentioned before, I also like to use the reflection table as a way to put a new spin on activities or to add a new element of interest or exploration to a process like our colorful rainbow reflection cutting table…

The Reflection Table by Teach Preschool

Or as a writing center…

The Reflection Table by Teach Preschool

For our class, the focus of the reflection table isn’t so much on trying to create reflections as much as it is providing a new and interesting canvas for our students to work…

The Reflection Table by Teach Preschool

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  1. Janet says

    I am always looking for new ways to keep the kids interested in learning and I am never disappointed with your website. Thanks for sharing and keeping our minds open and active.

  2. Ademola-Aralepo,Ajoke says

    This is nice.I wish we could have this in all our classrooms but considering the size of classes around here. All the same we will try to do something. Thanks for the concept.

  3. Linda Ellisen says

    Mirrors are also wonderful with shaving cream and paint on them! My two’s and three’s love this activity…

  4. Syeda Sumera Gardezi says

    Hi. I am running my own school and its an opportunity for me to have good ideas for all children. Thanks for this good help.