Two second snow science

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on January 7, 2014

in Science and Nature, Simple Snow Science

Winter Play

If you are experiencing the freezing, bitter cold weather then welcome to my world. School has been cancelled and kids are stuck at home. We have had so much snow that I can’t get out of my garage and my grandsons are at home with mommy and daddy…

Simple Snow Science by Teach Preschool

But to make the most of this -12 degree cold winter weather, lots of folks are at home doing fun and very scientific experiments like this two second snow my grandson and his daddy tried. First you need some boiling water…

Simple Snow Science by Teach Preschool

Now pour your boiling water into a cup or bowl (handle with care and only adults should do this part in case you are wondering)…

Simple Snow Science by Teach Preschool

Now ask your kids to tell you what they think will happen when you toss the water in the freezing cold air (remember, it is -12 degrees Fahrenheit here so its really got to be freezing cold for this to work). And bundle up and head out for a quick second outside and give mom a cheesy grin before you go…

Simple Snow Science by Teach Preschool

Get ready for the wow effect! Toss the water into the air and watch it burst into snow!! So cool that my grandson asked to do it again. (make sure you toss it far away from you so the wind won’t blow that hot water back on you!”)…

Simple Snow Science by Teach Preschool

And yes, you know it is a real snow day when everyone stays dressed in their jammies all day to run outside for a two second simple science experiment…

Simple Snow Science by Teach Preschool

Simple but so much scientific information and language and predicting and hypothesizing going on in that two second science experiment. So while I stay stuck at home painting on the easel with my little snowman, I get to at least enjoy the photos being sent over by my daughter…

Simple Snow Science by Teach Preschool

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Now if you are stuck at home then you should really take the time to hop over to Housing a Forest and check out this dad’s really cool simple science videos he did at home.  This dad (Nathan) happens to be a school principle as well so he is all about kids and cool ideas!

Winter in Indiana

And just for my own documentation of the record breaking midwest winter, I have added a couple of winter collages of things we see and do around my home below…

2014 Winter Storm by Teach Preschool

Winter Play Collage

Outside snow play

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