Signing in to preschool

Since a few of my students have been with me for two or three years now (depending on birth-date and kindergarten eligibility), I decided to change up my sign-in routine this year and invite the children to sign-in to preschool each morning on a clip board…

Signing in to preschool by Teach Preschool

Before continuing on with my post, I will tell you right now that the jury is still out on whether I like this process or not. It is a new classroom procedure that I have never tried before so I have had to make adjustments (and still am making adjustments) as the year has progressed…

Signing in to preschool by Teach Preschool

But to give you the idea of how this works in our classroom: As the children come into the classroom each morning, they will find two clipboards set out with a sheet of paper and a pencil.  One clipboard has a list of names for our preschool age children (threes and fours) and the other clipboard has a list of names for our prekindergarten age children (fours and fives)…

Signing in to preschool by Teach Preschool

The children find their name on the list that we have printed and then print their name in the space next to it…

Signing in to preschool by Teach Preschool

For our younger children, Mr. Hayden and I have spent time helping them to recognize their name on the list and have spent time encouraging them to either “make their mark” or print out their name depending on what they are ready for…

Signing in to preschool by Teach Preschool

Shortly into the year, I realized that we were using the wrong font for the name chart so our lower case “a” looked like what you see in this post rather than than the way it should for teaching my students to write the letter “a” so we revised our sign-in sheets with the correct version of the letter “a”….

Signing in to preschool by Teach Preschool

We spent the first several months of school helping those who needed it to find their name on the chart and make their mark. We also have spent every month since school has started to go and put their back pack on the hook and then go and sign-in.  Everyday, the same routine and yet pretty much no one seems to remember to sign in unless I say, “I need you to go sign-in please!” …

Signing in to preschool by Teach Preschool

I have wondered if this was a good idea or not since my threes were struggling with finding their name and now my prek kids were getting so good at signing in their name that they are starting to sign-in using bubble letters and adding curls to the ends of their letters to make them “fancy.” Two extremes in ability and interest all showing up in one seemingly simple procedure…

Signing in to preschool by Teach Preschool

There have been a few days off and on where we have skipped the procedure all together because the children are either too distracted by other things we have out in the classroom or we are running late getting kids in the door, back packs hung, and coats and mittens put away…

Signing in to preschool by Teach Preschool

And we don’t always have the clipboard in the same place every morning. Sometimes it is on a table and other times it is on the floor or even on our easel. Where the board can be found depends on where we have available space each morning. So this might not be helping instill the routine of signing in all that well either…

So although the sign-in procedure has had some ups and downs, last week I observed the children closely and noticed that they are all starting to find their own name without our help and they are all starting to recognize each other’s name and all our younger children are beginning to make more specific marks rather than just a line or coloring in the entire space with the pencil.  And one of my threes looked at me last week so proud when he handled the entire sign-in process all on his own. Progress is evident and perhaps I need to make a few adjustment for some of my students but as I said earlier, the jury is still out on this process and we will see where it leads as we go along…

Signing in to Preschool by Teach Preschool

I am sure some of you have tried a similar sign-in process like this. I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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  1. Mrs. YOung says

    we sign in to preschool too, we have a picture of them next to their name, and we laminated the paper, so they can use erasable crayons to write or white board marker, so each day I erase it and start over, not wasting paper. I teach preschool
    3 &4’s. :)

  2. Kim McFall says

    I have my children sign in on the white board with dry erase markers underneath their names. I have them attached on sentence strip with contact paper.

  3. Dawn says

    I LOVE the kids signing in. I have a binder, and I made orintable worksheets with all of the kids names- they start out as block letters, then go to dots, then blank spaces to write. I have changed some of them to only have their name, and blank lines. I put these in page protectors, and when the kids come in, they sit down and sign in using a dry erase marker. They also recognize others names now!

  4. Cyndi says

    “Sign-in” has always been a part of my daily schedule. It is the first thing students do when they enter the classroom. Like everything else, it is a process, and children begin school with a wide range of experiences!
    Each child has a name card; their photo is on one side, and their printed name is on the other. We start the school year putting the cards at the tables, photo side up, along with a strip of paper and a pencil. Students find their photo, write their name on the strip (at whatever ability level they have) and place both in a pocket chart.
    We can quickly see what the ability levels are and work with children as needed. This may be how to hold a pencil or how to form letters.
    As the school year goes on, we challenge the students in different ways. We put the name cards on the table name side up or we remove the name cards completely so they can write their names on their own.
    Students quickly become confident at writing their names. Some write their peers’ names. Many also begin to read their peers’ names.
    We also save them writing samples on a periodic basis. It is really a fantastic way to measure student growth during the school year.

  5. Yianna says

    I teach 3’s and this is the second year that I’ve used a sign in clipboard with my class. When I introduce it to the children, usually in January, I have two columns…one column has there name and the second column also has there name, but the letters are faded so the children can trace the letters in their name to sign in. I remove the faded letters once a child is able to write their name without it. The children seem to like it. They see their parents signing them in and out everdday and I think it makes them feel like a big kid.