DIY Junk bingo game for preschool

If you have been following my blog for some time, then you know that each year, we build a collection of junk which we refer to as our math tokens. ┬áToday we put our math tokens to good work by making a DIY junk bingo game…

Junk Bingo Game in Preschool

To make our game, I selected a jar of tokens from our collection of junk and sorted them out on our copy machine. I copied the tokens on a cardstock that was already printed with a blank bingo template.

Prek Pudding and TicTacToe 200

My bingo cards turned out a little dark because I couldn’t close the copier all the way with the junk on the glass but my students didn’t give it any thought. We set out the DIY junk bingo cards with a basket of lids and our jar of junk…

Junk Bingo Game in Preschool

Our prekindergarten class played junk bingo as a whole group. The children used lids we have also collected this year as their bingo card covers…

Junk Bingo Game in Preschool

To play the game, I pulled out an object from our jar of math tokens (the same tokens used to make the cards) and then held it up for the children to see it. I would say something like, “Who has a red button on their card?” and the children would look to see if their card had a red button. If there was a red button on their card, the children covered that square of the bingo board with a lid…

Junk Bingo Game in Preschool

There was a great deal of visual discrimination required to play the game. In our version of junk bingo, the goal was to cover all the squares on their bingo board and then call out “Bingo!” This was the children’s first experience with the game of bingo so we kept it as simple as possible and focused more on the process of listening and looking to see what object was picked out next from our jar then looking to see if the object was on their bingo board…

Junk Bingo Game in Preschool

Of course, even though we didn’t focus on “winning the game” the children were eager to shout out “BINGO” when they completed covering their board…

Junk Bingo Game in Preschool Prek Pudding and TicTacToe 273

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  1. says

    Deborah, I can’t even say how much I like this idea. I’m definitely going to do something like this…as soon as I can figure out the best way to use it with my second graders. (And by that, I mean the best “junk” to photocopy.) Thanks!

  2. Katharina Ellensohn says

    what a good idea – as a preschool teacher, I have to copy it :) Bingo is not that typical here in austria – but I am sure the kids will love it! Personally I really like Great British Bingo – very recommendable as well!

  3. says

    Deborah, you have the best ideas!! My daughter would LOVE this and photocopying the “junk” is such a quick and easy way to put the game together!! And, as an aside, every time I see your posts, I wish I was back in the Preschool classroom!! But, thank you for inspiring me at home for now :)