Will the animals eat our apples?

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on September 22, 2013

in Do Animals Eat Apples?, Science and Nature

Will Animals eat Apples?

Apples are always a fun way to kick off a new school year and we spent an entire week exploring apples in my classroom. Part of our time was spent outdoors as we wanted to answer the question, “Will the animals eat our apples?”

Will the animals eat our apples by Teach Preschool

While reading “Who Ate the Apples off the Apple Tree” from the My Big World series of kids Scholastic Magazines , we discovered that lots of animals like to eat apples. We already knew that people like to eat apples and we proved that when we ate apples for snack time…

Will the animals eat our apples? By Teach Preschool

To find the answer to our question, each child took one piece of apple outside to the edge of the woods (and far away from our preschool) and chose a place to leave their apple so we would see if the apples would be eaten by any animals…

Will the animals eat our apples? By Teach Preschool

Some of the children dropped their apples at the first place they came to while others took their time trying to decide where they wished to leave their apple. And others kept changing their mind about where they wanted to leave their apple…

Will the animals eat our apples? By Teach Preschool

But soon, all the apples were placed somewhere on the ground and we left them there for the rest of our morning. At the end of the day, we came back to see if any of our apples had been eaten yet…

Will the animals eat our apples? By Teach Preschool

All the apples were still in their place but we did notice one thing! ANTS! Some of our apples were covered with ants! Now we knew that ants like to eat apples too…

Will the animals eat our apples? By Teach Preschool

Each day after we left our apples on the ground, we would take a visit to see if there were any changes and each day we noticed more of our apples were missing. We tried to look for tracks or even watch out the window to see if we could catch an animal eating our apples but they were too sneaky for us. Within a week there were no more apples on the ground (and by the way, I didn’t touch them!)…

Will the animals eat our apples? By Teach Preschool

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