Apple tree scrunch art

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on September 12, 2013

in Apple Tree Scrunch Art, Creative Art

Apple scrunch painting

I just love the fall and all the great things you can explore or create that surrounds the fall season. Although apples could really be talked about any time of the year, it is always a fun topic to help kick off the school year because apples are something most young children are familiar with and best of all, they grow on trees!

Apple Tree Scrunch Art by Teach Preschool

We spent some time exploring and tasting real apples in my classroom and of course, we just had to make an apple tree. Our apple tree may seem a little abstract but the process was fun and interesting and achievable by new little ones…

Apple Tree Scrunch Art by Teach Preschool

To make our apple scrunch trees, the children started by drawing their own tree trunks with a brown crayon. Earlier in circletime, I gave the children a few tips for drawing trees with branches so they would have an idea of how to get started on their own trees…

Apple Tree Scrunch Art by Teach Preschool

Once they had their tree trunks and branches drawn on their large sheet of art paper, then the children scrunched  a small piece of copy paper into a small ball. The children had to really word the muscles in their fingers, hands and wrists to get that paper all scrunched up…

Apple Tree Scrunch Art by Teach Preschool

The children then dipped their scrunched up paper into paint to make their “apple prints” on the tree. Available on the table was some red, green, and yellow apples since we talked about all three colors of apples earlier in the day…

Apple Tree Scrunch Art by Teach Preschool

The children chose one or all three colors to dip their crunchy scrunchy apples in..

Apple Tree Scrunch Art by Teach Preschool

Then the children pressed their scrunchy apples on their hand drawn trees…

Apple Tree Scrunch Art by Teach Preschool

Depending on the interest, some of the children made lots of scrunchy apple prints on their trees while others only made a few scrunchy apple prints…

Apple Tree Scrunch Art by Teach Preschool

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1 Anne-Marie September 12, 2013 at 8:47 am

I love the ‘freehand’ tree trunk styling of the kids and the vibrant paint colors. I’m sure the parents were thrilled to see their kids seasonal masterpieces!

2 Sarah September 12, 2013 at 12:09 pm

What an interesting way to paint – excellent for those wee ones who have not yet developed a lot of fine motor control. And the learning possibilities too – you could do colour mixing, patterning, counting … Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

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