One-inch sandbox play

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on August 1, 2013

in One-Inch Sandbox Play, Outdoor Play

One inch sandbox play

We don’t have a “real” built-in-the-ground sandbox in my outdoor play environment so I try to provide different opportunities for outdoor sand play in whatever way I can. My grandson always enjoys the simple exploration and play that one-inch sandbox play invites…

One-Inch sandbox play by Teach Preschool

Now before I continue on, please note that I am not suggesting that one-inch sandbox play is a good substitute for a large sandbox. The kinds of playful interactions, collaboration, communication, and imagination that take place in a large sandbox cannot be replaced by a one-inch sandbox. And as an FYI, we have a large area of nothing but dirt right now (due to some new landscaping going on) to simulate the kinds of play that happen in a sandbox even though this is still somewhat different…

One-Inch sandbox play by Teach Preschool

One-inch sandbox play is low maintenance and can be set up in a jiffy when you’re looking for something fun for your child to do.  I simply poor a little play sand out of the bag onto a tray and set it up outdoors where ever my grandson would like it to go…

One-Inch sandbox play by Teach Preschool

My grandson adds a variety of loose parts to his one-inch sandbox like cars or rocks or other items he enjoys…

One-Inch sandbox play by Teach Preschool

And he experiments with the sand like rubbing his hands through the sand, sprinkling sand in the air…

One-Inch sandbox play by Teach Preschool

And leaving a footprint in the sand. I think because the tray of sand is such a small space, the kind of play that it invites seems to focus more on the little things you can do with sand rather than the larger types of play…

One-Inch sandbox play by Teach Preschool

As I have observed my grandson playing with the sand on a tray, I have been thinking of also introducing the idea to my preschool class this year as a way to take sand tray writing, printing, and play outdoors too. I think my students would enjoy this experience as an additional type of sand play experience this year…

One-Inch sandbox play by Teach Preschool

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