July 2013

Squeeze art: a beginner’s exploration of the world of art

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A beginning exploration in the world of art with this fun and very open ended form of squeeze art.

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Spielgaben: a new and innovative learning resource [give-away]

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You may have already heard the buzz about the remarkable and beautiful new learning resource from Spielgaben but if you haven’t you will enjoy scrolling down through the photos to see this beautiful and uniquely designed learning resource and don’t forget to enter to win the give-away too!

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Under construction with our DIY fix-it box

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To give us a place to store all the tools and to give my grandson a different way of playing with them while indoors, I was inspired to create a DIY fix-it box!

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Time to Create: edible fingerpaint recipe

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I was excited to discover that the recipe for edible fingerpaint was included in the brand new book Time to Create: Hands-On Explorations in Process Art for Young Children by Christie Burnett.

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DIY chalk paint

DIY Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is so simple to make and because it includes a little bit of chalk pounding, the process of making chalk paint is quite fun too.

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Back to school week | I can week!

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Getting preschool off to a positive start is all about the things my students CAN do in preschool. Since our preschool year hasn’t started yet, I pulled together a few posts that show some of the things we have done during our past I CAN weeks of preschool.

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One-inch water play

One Inch Water Play

I rarely meet a preschool age child that doesn’t enjoy water play. Although any kind of water play ultimately leads to wet kids, the benefits of water play far outweigh the hassle of mopping up wet floors or changing out wet clothing…

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The do’s and don’ts of reading aloud to young children

Do's and Don'ts of Read-Alouds

Come and discover the Do’s and Don’ts of Read-Alouds gleaned from “The Read-Aloud Handbook” by Jim Trelease.

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Managing interruptions during the read-aloud experience

Interruptions during Read-Aloud

Jim Trelease gives us his perspective on two different types of interruptions that take place during the read-aloud experience.

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Puffy paint sunflowers

Puffy Paint Sunflowers

Using puffy paint to draw sunflowers in preschool promotes the use of our fine motor skills!

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The motivation to draw and write is powered by play

Motivation to Draw

You may think that driving a toy jeep around the drive-way and developing the skills to write or draw have no connection but my two-year-old grandson would demonstrate that there is a strong connection between the two…

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Five simple activities that promote teamwork!


To promote teamwork in a fun and inviting way, I like to come up with creative games or art activities that my students can do together.

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Star of the week in preschool

Star of the Week

This was our second year of implementing the “Star of the Week” in my classroom and all I can say is that I love, love, love the results of this process.

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Learning about our bodies is fun with felt

Felt Anatomy

Asia from Fun at Home with Kids is sharing this amazing life size anatomy made from felt (along with the help of her adorable daughter). Stop by to read all about it!

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