Bubble painting at the easel

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on May 30, 2013

in Bubble Painting at the Easel, Creative Art, Painting

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.  We had bubbles going everywhere in our outdoor classroom and one of our bubble fun activities included bubble painting at the easel…

Bubble Painting by Teach Preschool

To set it up, add color (we used liquid watercolor) to your bubbles. Add a few bubble wands and you are ready to bubble paint…

Bubble Painting by Teach Preschool

To get us started on bubble painting, I bubble painted along with a few of my students so they would get the idea…

Bubble Painting by Teach Preschool

Sometimes, blowing bubbles can be challenging and when you are trying to aim for the paper on your easel, it can even be more challenging. We had to think about where to blow, how hard to blow, and even how fast to blow so the bubbles would come out and land on our paper…

Bubble Painting by Teach Preschool

If we would get lucky, a bubble would land on the paper and not pop. Then we could pop it with our fingers or the bubble wand…

Bubble Painting by Teach Preschool

The more time each child took to blow bubbles, the more colorful their paper was. Some of our children really stuck with the process and came back to try it several times while others decided that trying to get lots of bubbles on the paper was a bit too slow going  – especially since we had lots of other bubble activities going on around the room…

Bubble Painting by Teach Preschool

I know that I don’t count, but I actually really liked blowing the bubbles on the paper!

Bubble Painting by Teach Preschool

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