Gummy worm science

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on March 31, 2013

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Yesterday, I shared with you how we used live worms to create a worm farm.  Today, I’d like to tell you about our gummy worm science.

Gummy worm science by Teach Preschool

This science activity was inspired by the book Candy Experiments by  Loralee Leavitt.  On one of our tables, the children found a small aquarium tank, partially filled with water.  The tank was surrounded by gummy worms and tweezers.  A delightful invitation to play…

Gummy worm science by Teach Preschool

The children needed no instructions, as the intent was clear.  They immediately began picking up the gummy worms with the tweezers and dropping them into the tank…

Gummy worm science by Teach Preschool

When they ran out of gummy worms to drop in the tank, they simply reached in and pulled them out…

Gummy worm science by Teach Preschool

After centers were over for the day, we left the gummy worms in the tank for observation.  The next morning when the children arrived at school, this is what they found…

Gummy worm science by Teach Preschool

The gummy worms were larger and almost translucent.  The water in the aquarium looked a little slimy.  To conclude our gummy worm science, the children were all invited to gather round our large table.  Each child was given one new gummy worm, straight out of the package.  The children closely examined their fresh gummy worm to see what it looked, felt, and smelled like…

Gummy worm science by Teach Preschool

Then we pulled out one of the gummy worms that had been sitting in water overnight.  The children compared the two by looking at them…

Gummy worm science by Teach Preschool

It was obvious that the gummy worm left in the water overnight had gotten much bigger.  Next, each of the children were given one of the water-logged worms to feel…

Gummy worm science by Teach Preschool

The worms that had sat in the water overnight were squishy and slimy and were now much more fragile (we talked about that word).  The children held the gummy worms gently so they would not break apart but we had to do a little squishing in the end…

Gummy worm science by Teach Preschool

Once the children had made observations about both of the gummy worms, they were given the opportunity to stick their hands in the tank and play with the leftover squishy, slimy worms…

Gummy worm science by Teach Preschool

To view our gummy worm science and our worm farm live – take a look at this three minute Fox Morning News segment

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