DIY musical strummies

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on March 11, 2013

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I recently picked up the book “Red and Yellow’s Noisy Night” by Josh Selig and fell in love with it. It is one of those books that can be extended into all content areas of the classroom! One way we extended our new book  was by making music with our handmade (DIY) strummies…

DIY Musical Strummies by Teach Preschool

“Red and Yellow’s Noisy Night” is about two friends who live in an olive tree together but Red is keeping Yellow awake by playing his strummy too loud. The two friends have a little problem to solve but it doesn’t take long before they find a happy solution…

"Red & Yellow's Noisy Night" and our DIY Strummies by Teach Preschool

This book is simple yet rich in language, illustrations, and content. I think I could spend a month building on ideas straight from this book including concepts such as night, olive trees, musical instruments, loud, soft, quiet, color, and color mixing…

"Red & Yellow's Noisy Night" and our DIY Strummies by Teach Preschool

After reading about Red’s strummy, we spend time exploring and making our own strummies too!…

DIY Strummies by Teach Preschool

I had one set of left-over Dollar Store gift boxes that were perfect for individual sized strummies. Each child started by designing the top or bottom of a gift box with markers…

DIY Strummies by Teach Preschool

Next the children added rubber bands around the boxes to create the strings for the strummies.  The children discovered that the smaller the rubber bands, the better the sound so they sorted through all sizes of rubber bands to find the smallest ones available…

DIY Strummies by Teach Preschool

Once the children added strings (rubberbands) on their boxes, they now had their very own strummies to play.  The children chose for themselves how many strings their strummy would have…

DIY Strummies by Teach Preschool

To play a strummy, you simply pluck or strum your finger across the strings. Before heading off to make our strummies, the children explored a set of strummies I had already made and we talked together about the different sounds the strummy makes when you strum versus pluck the strings of the strummies…

DIY Strummies by Teach Preschool

We also learned that if we held the back of our strummies up to our ears while plucking the strings, we could feel and hear the vibrations. The strummies were super loud when we held them up to our ears to play and super quiet when we held them in our laps to play…

DIY Strummies by Teach Preschool

The children were invited to explore tube strummies, box strummies, and…

DIY Strummies by Teach Preschool

Mrs. Stewart’s real strummy!…

DIY Strummies by Teach Preschool

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