String art for preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on February 10, 2013

in Creative Art, Painting with string, String Art

We brought some creativity into our recent exploration of  measurement and length by exploring this wonderful process of string art…

String Art by Teach Preschool

For this activity, we set out trays of glue tinted with liquid watercolors from Discount School Supply.  In preparation for this activity, I provided paint brushes, trays, and string.  Each child was given a bowl of various lengths of white string.  This process could easily be replicated with colored yarn and white school glue.  The white glue would dry clear, leaving just the colored yarn to show on the paper…

String Art by Teach Preschool

The children sat down at the table and began dipping their white strings into the colored glue.  They used the paintbrushes to help push their string into the glue and to brush off the excess, if necessary…

String Art by Teach Preschool

We encouraged the children to keep a hold of their string on one end, rather than dipping the entire piece, so that they could still have a clean “handle” to hold onto while manipulating their string.  After their string was all loaded up with the colored glue, the children then arranged the string on their paper…

String Art by Teach Preschool

While exploring this art process, the children noticed the difference in lengths of yarn.  Some of the children preferred using shorter lengths while others preferred the longer lengths…

String Art by Teach Preschool

A few children chose to drag their string across their paper to see what kind of effect it would have as well…

String Art by Teach Preschool

While others chose to add more paint on top of the strings after they put it on the paper…

String Art by Teach Preschool

Regardless of the method chosen, the results were beautifully textured string paintings…

String Art by Teach Preschool

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