L is for lines

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on February 12, 2013

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Learning about the sound of the letter L was a fun experience as we played games on lines taped to the carpet and traced lines on the light table…

L is for lines by Teach Preschool

The children arrived at preschool one morning to find lines taped to our carpet.  They were instantly intrigued.  “What are these for?” they asked.  Deborah told them that they were lines.   This opened up a discussion about how many lines there were and what types of lines there were.  One child pointed out that she uses lines when writing her name.  Children are so wise…

L is for lines by Teach Preschool

We began our day by reading The Line Up Book” by Marisabina Russo.  This is a fun little story about a boy who lines up toys all the way from his bedroom to the kitchen.  All the while, his mother is calling for him to come and eat his lunch.  Over and over she calls him and over and over he says, “Just a minute!”   The kids really enjoyed this book…

L is for lines by Teach Preschool

After reading our book, Deborah invited the children to stand up and play a game on our tape lines.  First, she asked them to line up and play follow the leader as they walked up down the lines on the carpet…

L is for lines by Teach Preschool

After the game of follow the leader was complete, the children moved to the outer edges of the lines.  Deborah then called out the children’s names individually and asked them to jump, walk, or hop over a wavy line, zig-zag, or straight line.  This was a fun way to explore lines while integrating some large motor play and increasing vocabulary of the different kinds of lines.  Be sure to remove your tape immediately after the children leave so that a sticky residue isn’t left on your carpet…

L is for lines by Teach Preschool

Next, we moved on to our centers.  At our light table, I drew lines on transparency paper for the children to trace.  I drew lines going both horizontally and vertically. We have a roll of paper that goes over the light table and transparencies for the children to trace on…

L is for lines by Teach Preschool

Tracing lines on the light table promotes hand-eye coordination, as well as pre-writing skills.  The light table was a popular place to be for tracing lines…

L is for lines by Teach Preschool

Deborah and I discovered that the children really loved all of the line activities that we prepared.  Stay tuned in for the next few days for more great ideas about how we integrated our study of lines all throughout the classroom…

L is for lines by Teach Preschool

A special thank you to the reader who suggested we purchase this book for our class. We loved it!

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