Wonderful weaving tool and process for preschool

I haven’t had any weaving out lately so when I came across a wonderful weaving tool (otherwise known as a wooden dish rack), I decided to set up a small weaving center for the children to explore…

Wonderful Weaving by Teach Preschool

I purchased the wooden dish rack from Deals (which is kind of like a Dollar store only some items cost more than a dollar). I placed three rolls of ribbon and a few pairs of scissors out so the children could get right to work exploring the weaving process…

Wonderful Weaving by Teach Preschool

The ribbon was a nice material to use for our first try at weaving on our new weaving tool because it slipped easily in and out of the slats without getting all tangled up…

Wonderful Weaving by Teach Preschool

The children came and went from the weaving table all throughout the morning. Some children stopped to weave one row of ribbon and others stayed to weave every color of ribbon…

Wonderful Weaving by Teach Preschool

The ribbon easily slid off the wooden slats when the children wished to start over or to create a new design. A super simple weaving tool that gets those small fingers working together…

Wonderful Weaving by Teach Preschool

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  1. Janet T. says

    I’m been watching your set-up process closely. Do the children just start weaving by themselves, or do you show them a few basics?

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

      Mrs. Courtney did a quick 2 minute demo of what the word “weaving” means by showing the children how the ribbon can be used to go in and out of the rack but then we sent the children off to explore the process on their own. Over time, we will begin to offer new guidance for the weaving but first we want the children just to explore the materials.