Printmaking with paper hearts

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on January 31, 2013

in Paper Heart Printing, Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day themed art can be as simple as printmaking with paper hearts.  With just a few materials that are readily found around your home or classroom, your children can create beautiful heart-shaped prints…

Printmaking with paper hearts

We began this process by asking our little printmakers to fill their palettes with paint.  For our palettes, we used small paper plates…

Printmaking with paper hearts

We set out a wide array of colors for the children to choose from.  Paintbrushes were used to help spread the paint around their paper plate.  Some children chose to start with just one color, while other children used many…

Printmaking with paper hearts

Mrs. Courtney had cut out enough paper hearts for the entire class.  Having your children cut out their own hearts is also another part of this process that could also be explored.  Once the palettes were filled, the children then pressed their paper hearts into the paint…

Printmaking with paper hearts

After pressing their paper hearts into the paint, the children then pressed the hearts onto a larger sheet of paper, paint side down…

Printmaking with paper hearts

When the children lifted their hearts off the paper, a beautiful heart-shaped print was left…

Printmaking with paper hearts

For many of our students, the process became an interesting and beautiful way to explore the art of color mixing…

Printmaking with paper hearts

While some of our students chose to use the standard pink, red, and purple colors for their hearts, others chose more non-traditional colors.  Regardless of the colors chosen, each child’s paper heart print became a magnificent piece of art…

Printmaking with paper hearts

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