Sticky tube turkeys

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on November 21, 2012

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You can add just about anything light in weight to a sticky tube but since we are still on our turkey tangent – we made sticky tube turkeys in our classroom this week….

To make a sticky tube, gather up empty paper towel or toilet paper tubes and wrap them with contact paper – sticky side facing out.  We stapled our contact paper to the tubes and had them ready to go before the kids arrived.  We just needed one quick activity to complete our day and this was it!…

To make a sticky tube turkey, the children found feathers and googly eyes on the table and simply stuck them on the tubes…

If they didn’t like where an eyeball or feather was placed, they could easily take it off the tube and stick it back on again in a new place…

We didn’t set out beaks or feet but you certainly could add more items for the children to decorate their tubes than we did.  Our students were happy just adding feathers and googly eyes and we had many other things going on that day so we kept it very simple…

Ok – so maybe they look more like owls or birds or fuzzy monsters but in any case, a sticky tube has lots of possibilities!

Oh – and lighter weight items like tissue paper, fluffy feathers, construction paper scraps, and small googly eyes work best – heavier items tend to fall off the sticky tube :)

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