The exploration of smell

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on October 22, 2012

in An Exploration of Smell, Discovery Table, Sensory Play, Tea Bags and Water

As we continue to explore our five senses, we spent time fine tuning our sense of smell with this engaging process…

Out on the table the children found a basket of different flavors of teabags, measuring cups, plastic cups, plastic spoons, and pipettes…

The children started by filling their measuring cups from the “clean water tub” and then transferring water into their clear plastic cups…

The children selected a tea bag to add to their water then used the spoons to mix the teabags in with the water and the pipettes to transfer the water from cup to cup…

To catch the overflow of water, we set all the materials out on our magnetic board (which you can read more about here) because the board has an edge that will help keep the water from flowing onto the floor…

As the children explored the teabags, the water turned different colors based on the type of tea and the smell from the teabags could be noticed all throughout the classroom….

If the children wished to empty their cups of water and teabags, they could dump the water into our “tea-tub” which was over in the water table next to our clean water tub…

We used lots of different flavored teas like cinnamon apple, raspberry, and peach…

The children spent a long time exploring the different scents of tea as well as exploring the colors of the tea and the water transferring experience…

A wonderful way to explore our sense of smell…

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1 Mary October 22, 2012 at 6:58 pm

Very nice Sense of Smell Activity. What a great topic to share at home with mom, dad, siblings, etc. An experience they will sure keep. Thank you for sharing. Best, Mary@

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