October 2012

Pumpkin head discovery bottles

Making and exploring pumpkins with our very own DIY pumpkin heads!

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Scientific discoveries : I wonder what is in inside a gourd?

Check out our latest scientific discovery in preschool as we explored the question: “What is inside a gourd?”

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Six unique ways to use scrap wood in preschool

There are so many wonderful ways preschoolers can explore scrap wood. Stop by and see some of the unique ways we are exploring in our classroom!

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Red kiddie rocker chair set from Guidecraft

A Review and Give-Away of the Guidecraft Red Kiddie Rocker Chair Set!

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Graphing leaves in preschool

Exploring the basics of graphing in preschool with the leaves of fall!

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Sticky paper scarecrows

Our prek class explored the making of a sticky paper scarecrow by rotating through each of our three scarecrow creative stations.

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Touch and Feel Scarecrows

Thumbnail image for Touch and Feel Scarecrows

We played a simple game to take a look at the textures of our scarecrows a little more closely in preschool!

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Exploring our shapes with blocks on the table top

Exploring colors and shapes with our blocks on the table top in preschool!

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