A sticky square collage

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on September 11, 2012

in Mathematics, Shapes and Colors, Sticky Square Collage, Sticky Square Collage

Exploring shapes can be so much fun and lately, we have been focusing on the shape of a square. This activity was a very simple activity for the children to stop by and add a square any time they wanted…

In our window, I taped up a sheet of clear contact paper with the sticky side facing inside the classroom. On the window seal (ledge), I left a stack of construction paper squares…

We had many things going on during our day so for the first half of our day, the children didn’t even notice the squares. They would walk by and reach out to feel the sticky paper then move on…

And then after snack, one of our little girls noticed the squares and stuck it on the sticky paper and then she added another, then another.  A few minutes later another little girl joined in…

And then more children decided to join in the sticky square fun.  But there was a little problem, the paper was much higher than the children so they had to really stretch and even jump up to try and get the squares up at the top of our window…

Before you knew it, we had an entire group soon working together on getting the remaining squares placed on our sticky square collage…

And when the children ran out of squares (I waited for them to finish) then it was time to go outside…

And so our window now shines bright with colorful squares.  Next week, I will invite the children to see if they can find different colors of squares and remove them from the sticky square collage or we might just let it stay for a bit.  Either way, the sticky square collage gives opportunity to work together, to create, to explore the shapes and colors, and to admire our beautiful class collage…

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