Ten ways to use your noodle

If you haven’t noticed yet, pool noodles are not just for summer time fun any more. It is hard for me to pass up a pool noodle that is on sale because I am always thinking, “I bet I could come up with one more thing to do with noodles this year that we haven’t done before!”…

Noodle Building

The wonderful thing about noodles is they are soft and light weight so they make a great tool for building and construction outdoors or indoors….

Noodle Geometry

We also explored making different shapes with our noodles.

Noodle Roads

And how about making a road or racetrack?

Noodle Parking Lot

Noodles can lead to all sorts of play with a little thinking outside the box…

Noodle Jumping

Noodles do invite some large motor play too like jumping…

Noodle Chains

Just cut up some noodles and you can make a noodle chain

Noodle Blocks

Noodles make wonderful blocks. We used our noodles for sorting and stacking…

Noodle Water Play

I added a few noodles to our water play as well for a little exploration….

Noodle Painting

Noodle painting is a simple art process for young children to enjoy…

Noodle Marble Runs

Get your little engineers thinking and constructing their own marble runs too…

Yes, I will be stocking up on foam noodles again this year to see what else we can come up with!

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  1. sue fromm says

    Don’t have pictures….. used flat adhesive foam shapes on small length of noodle to create a paint roller. Works best if both ends are left bare to use as handles.

  2. Catherine says

    Don’t forget, you can slice the noodles into rings and thread them with a shoe lace: fine motor skills, making patterns, write numbers on them and practice ordering numbers (increasing and decreasing, skip-counting, ect) or use letters (alphabet, to create CVC words, or CVCe words)

  3. Maria Elberson says

    What great ideas!! I have been a preschool sub for the past two years and this fall is my first year as a full-time teacher. I am so excited and so happy that I found your site! What a wealth of information/ideas!

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

      Hello Heidi,
      I used a sharp knife from my kitchen:) The noodles are super easy to slice and dice!

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

      Wow Amy! Thank you for nominating my blog for an award. I will stop by and take a look! Super sweet of you.


  4. SS says

    I love these ideas. I had seen some of these ideas posted on Teach Preschool previously, so when I finally had a chance to pick some up at dollar tree, I snapped up a bunch (I do not recommend navigating through the rest of the store with a double stroller and an armload of noodles, though). After reading an article in Disney Family Fun Magazine, I stuck wooden skewers (they recommended chop sticks) into the ground, and bent the noodles up into arches that my kids love to crawl through as a part of a backyard obstacle course. We incorporated our play tent and some hula hoops into our course. Some noodles were left loose, and the kids dragged those through the course as an added challenge. I planned to bring the noodles in when the weather turned cold, and turn them into marble runs and some of your other ideas, but now I think I’ll go back and get more, and hope for enough snow to experiment with chilly noodle fun!

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

      Oh now you have me for sure planning to head back to the store for more noodles but I will keep your tip in mind and leave the double stroller at home:)

  5. says

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