Painting without the brush

If you read my previous post then you can see that depending on the age of the child, a paintbrush can either be the primary focus of a painting experience or the paint itself can be the primary focus of a painting experience…

For my 14 month old grandson, the paint brushes were what interested him the most but for two year old Clara, she is ready to explore the paint…

Clara has to be careful painting with her feet because the paint can be slippery on the paper. But no worries, Clara has this all figured out…

Just reach over and use your hands too…

Yep, for Clara exploring the paint was definitely interesting! Who needs a paintbrush when you can use your hands and feet?


  1. says

    I knew exactly what she was going to do when I saw the first pic. What a cutie. Looks like so much fun. Can’t I do that myself? Lol.

  2. says

    I had to laugh at this wonderful activity and photos. I run an Art school for babies, children and adults. Last friday l had a session with one three yr old, two 4yr olds and a 1 yrear old… the place looked as though a bomb had hit it when they finished! It is a session called Mark Making and they usually use everything but paint brushes. These children are not normally allowed to make a mess, let alone hand or finger paint, so they went mad!!! They did have fun but it took me about an hour to clear it all up!hax Lynda

  3. Marnie Boyd says

    She looked so cute while doing the paintings, particularly when she got messy all over.

    So priceless!

  4. Anggia says

    sometimes, as an adult, we too much worry about the messy or the dirty things. We can’t feel as our children like.
    But look at her expression! Oh, there’s nothing better than making body brushing / painting. Hm, maybe one day i will try it…