DIY play dough magnets for the magnetic board

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on June 26, 2012

in DIY, Magnetic Play Dough Lids

I keep my hot glue gun handy all the time so when I come across something I can add a magnet to the back of, I will add it and set it out by the magnetic board….

Magnetic Play Dough Lids

I saved a ton of lids from store bought play dough containers though out our school year and finally sat down one afternoon to add magnets to the back of them….

The children used the magnetic lids on our Guidecraft Floor Easel as well as on our metal “grease pan” magnetic board….

The magnets will pop off on occasion so I have taught my students to bring me a lid when the magnet pops off and together, we glue it back on.  Some of my students don’t even wait for me anymore. They just get out the glue and put the magnet back on and leave the lid in the “drying area” until the glue dries.

Kids are so capable and when you teach them how to make their own repairs, they also learn to take better care of the things we make for play…

The magnetic play dough lids were out all throughout the week and the children would just stop by on occasion and change them around.  Sometimes, a child would stay for quite awhile and other times, they would reach out, do a quick rearrange, and move on…

Eventually, I added numbers to some of the lids just to add a new dimension of play to the magnetic play dough lids but I never took photos of them with the numbers – but you get the idea…

And now that summer is over, even my grandson loves to explore the magnetic play dough lids when we stop by the classroom…

But he prefers to take them all off the board (and because the magnets can pop off he doesn’t get to run around with the lids)

And he loves to stack the magnetic lids up on the shelf…

A super simple way to reuse all those lids and a great way to add something more to your classroom for keeping small hands busy and young minds thinking…

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