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I’m pleased to introduce you to Preschoolspot. PreschoolSpot is a collaborative effort brought to you by Vanessa Levin of Pre-K Pages, Karen Cox of Prekinders, and me- Deborah J. Stewart of Teach Preschool.

We started PreschoolSpot in an effort to provide you with high-quality resources in one convenient location. PreschoolSpot is our dalmatian mascot and he’s ready to come to your rescue with printables for your home, preschool, or pre-k classroom! We are taking turns posting ideas and printables at PreschoolSpot and eventually we will each have our own shop. But don’t worry, our blogs are not going anywhere, this is just a new venture and everything will remain the same on our own individual blogs.

I hope you will join us at PreschoolSpot, see you there! Don’t forget to tell your friends!

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  1. says

    I think I have connected with Preschool Spot in just about every way possible! :) I’m very excited and interested in this new venture. I know it will become a great go-to resource.

  2. Rising STARS Preschool says

    Thank you so much. This is going to be a great resource to my program! Thank you for all you do

  3. says

    earlier this morning i was searching for some new preschool material and came across your website. it had a complete listof books, activities, science etc. all listed in one site. i cannot find that site again. please email me this site. thanks so much. have a wonderful day!

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

      Perhaps you are referring to my list of categories I had showing on the side panel? I have removed it for now so I can make some updates. If that is not what you are referring to, I am afraid I am not sure where to send you.