DIY Bugs on the sticky table

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on May 9, 2012

in DIY, DIY Bugs on the Sticky Table

We have been talking about bugs off and on lately and so I thought I would make us some sticky table bugs to explore…

I have been saving lids all school year and we used them for all kinds of games and activities but with the end of the school year coming up, I decided that it was time to use them up. I hot glued googly eyes and chenille stems (antennae) on a bunch of the colorful lids to make bug faces…

Then I set out a tray of my DIY bug faces  along with a second tray of just plastic lids…

The children used the lids to make bugs or caterpillars on the sticky table.  The sticky table is simply made by securely taping clear contact paper, sticky side up, onto a table (or any other surface you want to make sticky)…

I invited the children to make their bugs then count the number of lids or try to make caterpillar patterns. But in the end, the children chose their own path of play with the bugs…

One child requested a marker so we added black permanent markers to the table as well. Many of the children used the markers to add facial features on the bugs and to add legs on the sticky paper…

The children played with the bugs in all kinds of ways.  By the way, the children made the observation that the lids did not stick to the contact paper unless you pressed the flat side of the lid down – so this meant the bug faces would not stick to the contact paper but the body did stick.  What a great observation!

Making the bug faces took me about an hour but I enjoy sitting down and making something new for my students when I can. It just adds that little something to the classroom that makes it fun. I have saved all the bug face lids (and the other lids too) to see what else we can do with them…

Do you have any ideas as to what else we could do with our little bugs?
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