Circletime fun with Cloudette!

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on April 20, 2012

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The children’s book “Cloudette” by Tom Lichtenheld, is about a little cloud that wants to do be more like the big clouds and so he goes off to find something special he can do to make him feel more like a big cloud.  We have read the book to our students a couple of times…

The first time, Miss Abby read the book and focused the children’s attention on the names of the different types of clouds. I was surprised at how much information the children were able to recall by the time we read the book again a few days later…

The next time we read the book, we actually just took a picture walk through the book and this time we focused on how the cloud was feeling about being little and what events took place while the little cloud was on his adventure to do something special…

After we read the book, each child was given their own little “Cloudette” necklace to wear as a “story token” to remember the book and to take home with them. The “Cloudette” necklace was simply a piece of yarn sewn through a cotton ball.  I will share more about story tokens soon…

We also explored the different sizes of clouds by passing around a small, medium, and large cloud (cotton balls glued together) for the children to feel. The children loved the feel of the different sized clouds and love squishing them in their hands…

After reading the book and squishing clouds, one of the activities the children did with Miss Abby was the rain jar (which I shared yesterday) and another activity was to make their own cloud paintings…

To make their cloud paintings, the children simply pressed mesh sponges (loofas) into white tempera paint and made prints on blue construction paper…

I have a few more activities we did with this book which I will share soon!

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